New NSW fire services levy delayed after furore

Coutts is delighted to announce that the State Government has deferred their decision to implement the new calculation method for the Fire and Emergency Services Levy.


Director of Coutts, Mark Thorn noted:


“As soon as the announcement of the new calculation method was released, we did the figures and calculated an average increase to each owner of 30% - 35% over and above all other savings. We immediately lobbied The New South Wales Department of the Treasury, Local Councils as well as reaching out to media outlets to highlight the inordinate increase faced by commercial and industrial property owners and in turn a large number of tenants.”


“As a commercial or industrial property owner, this is a significant result that will affect you directly. The Department of Treasury’s position was that the new calculation method was designed to catch out those owners that were not paying for insurance and so not contributing to the Levy. The Department of Treasury stated that the new calculation method would not significantly increase costs but the calculation does not lie and in its proposed form would have done exactly that to owners that are already contributing fairly to the Levy.”


“The decision to delay the application of the new method is the right one and we will ensure that any future proposals are reviewed as soon as we are informed.”


Information is light on the ground at the moment but you can see more information here:

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