Connie Crampton

Senior Property Manager

Certificate of Registration
Experience and expertise
Connie has 15 years of experience in real estate, particularly around local areas such as Kellyville and Arndell Park, and the last four years servicing the Norwest area. Her roles have included Office Manager as well as Residential Property Manager. She has also worked in the finance sector.
Just a short note to emphasise the outstanding work that Connie Crampton has done and continues to do in connection to the property management of our Commercial Unit.
We have several investment properties, and they are managed by a variety of property managers.
Connie Crampton stands out from the crowd, for her efficiency, communication skills, willingness to go the extra yard, without any prompting and her general businesslike demeanor.
Please keep my portfolio with Connie for as long as you possibly can.
In all my years as a landlord, I have never been prompted to make such glowing remarks about any other property manager, but Connie is truly outstanding in her profession.
Thank You and Best regards,
John Callaghan 

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